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What is Gold Vermeil? 3 Important Things to know about it before buying + 10 jewelry care tips

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

When you buy jewelry, you often come across the term "Vermeil." But what does it mean? Basically, it's used for jewelry that is gold-plated, but with a specific thickness of a gold layer. Let me explain.

24k gold-plated vermeil rings
Our 24k gold-plated Vermeil Rings

1. What is a micron?

First we have to understand what a micron is. A micron is a tiny unit of measurement, which is 0.001 millimeters. It's really thin. When you want to add a layer of gold to your jewelry – maybe to make it stronger or to give it a golden look without using solid gold, which can be very expensive – you need to decide how thick you want that gold layer on top of the base metal. This thickness is measured in microns. Jewelry usually has a gold layer of one to five microns.

2. Why use the term Vermeil?

Now, here's where "Vermeil" comes into play. To call your jewelry "Vermeil," the gold layer needs to be at least 2.5 microns thick. So, when someone says their jewelry is made of Vermeil, it's a way of saying that it has a thicker layer of gold compared to regular gold-plated jewelry. This extra thickness can make it more valuable.

3. Is more micron always better?

You might think that a thicker layer of gold is always better, but that's not entirely true. While a thicker layer offers more protection to your jewelry, how you take care of it matters a lot. I have jewelry that is only about one micron and after five years I am still wearing it. Even if the layer is thick, if you often shower while wearing it or wear it while swimming in the ocean, the gold layer can still wear off quickly. So, taking good care of your jewelry is important, regardless of the thickness of the gold layer.

Ten ways to keep your jewelry looking great and protect its gold plating:

Whether it's Vermeil or other gold-plated jewelry, avoiding water and chemicals helps protect the gold layer. So, when you see "Gold Vermeil" while shopping, know that it's thicker and more valuable than pieces without this label (unless it's explicitly stated otherwise). But remember, caring for your jewelry is what truly keeps it shining and stylish over time.

So, that's it for this topic. I hope the information was useful to you!

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