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Doan Trang Nguyen: The Owner of Kaito and Jewelry Maker


Linh An Tran, the Co-Owner and the Designer of Kaito

.. two women with one passion for jewelry design. I'm Linh An and my mother is Doan Trang. We are both from the south of Vietnam and together, since 2020, we lead our jewelry brand KAITO.

Doan Trang Ngyuen: Owner & Jewelry Making



Linh An Tran: Designer 


Our Story

I noticed that she used different materials than usually and got curious. That was around 2019. At that time I thought pearls were only for certain kinds of people like the opposite of me. Classic, elegant, traditional. But that was, as I found out later, way far from the truth.


In the upcoming months mom would read a pile of books on creation, quality and origin of pearls and focused all her attention on that tiny round piece of nacre. She threaded many necklaces, some very minimalistic and others more bold. She explained that pearls have different colours and shapes, you just have to find out what type fits you the most.


After a while I started noticing all these people on the streets wearing pearls. Men, women, old, young, with a more casual style or even sporty outfit. Some went even crazy with them. When I saw all these examples, it changed my outlook on pearls and inspired me to join mom to build KAITO.

"Pearls are true treasures

of nature, over several years the pearl grows in a shell and becomes a beautiful and durable material. "

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