Hand threaded

How I came to make my own jewelry

Without jewelry an outfit looks bland.

That's one of the reasons why I started making jewelry five years ago and selling it in my small store in my hometown Lübeck. At that time I mainly used ceramic beads or glass pieces and knotted them with a simple leather strap. Until the first time I worked with a freshwater pearl. These are true treasures of nature, over several years the pearl grows in a shell and becomes a beautiful and durable material.

I started to work intensively with cultured pearls, read many books, especially about creation, quality and origin and today I spend a lot of time stringing these beautiful pearls into high quality necklaces and creating new collections. Each pearl is individually selected by me and of good to very good quality, because I believe jewelry should be made for eternity. Like a classic just.

Owner: Doan Trang Nguyen-Czepat