Frequently Asked Questions

Are the pearls used real and where do they come from?

Yes, our high quality freshwater pearls are real and are shipped from Hong Kong to us in the north in Lübeck.
Here we process them by hand into beautiful pearl jewelry.

Can I also pick up my jewelry at your location?

Yes, you are very welcome to pick up your jewelry from us. Just look at us on the home page under Maps or Contact
to find out our address and we look forward to your visit.

Do you sell vouchers?

At the moment we do not offer any, but we work as soon as possible to offer some. However, if you have great interest,
please write to us and we will be happy to find a solution.

Are there any product variations?

We try to reproduce our products exactly as they look in real life. Sometimes we can not avoid that small wrong
color shades sneak in. But if you want to know exactly what color the jewelry is, either check the product info
(it's listed there and you can look it up yourself) or send us an email and we'll help you with more pictures/descriptions.