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Why less is more & beauty doesn't come from purchasing things | Our thoughts as a jewelry brand

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

We all want to feel more beautiful, which is why we go out and get all these makeup products, heaps of clothes, and jewelry. Now, I'm not here to say that we, as a jewelry brand, don't like it when you buy our awesome jewelry. But, there's a part of me that cares about the planet and about you too – because I've been in your shoes. I used to believe I totally needed that shiny new pair of earrings or that adorable dress. But guess what? It didn't actually solve my real problems. I was just left with stuff I barely used and money down the drain. And you realize: sometimes less is more.

It was only after I dealt with my weight gain problems and faced some hard truths about myself that I started feeling better. I didn't feel the need to overcompensate anymore. Nowadays, I buy dresses that match my style and body type. I've learned to see clearly what suits me instead of chasing trends.

So, with this article, I'm trying to show you a different way to shop. I want to share how I tackle the over-shopping trend and why, even though I'm in the business of selling jewelry, I believe in these principles. Oh, and by the way, not all companies are bad – I'll explain why later. So, let's dive in and see if you can pick up something useful. Enjoy!

My issue was actually somewhere else.

Here's where it starts getting personal. Back when I was twelve, my parents thought I was a bit chubby. We checked my BMI, and it was tipping towards the high side. Not super bad, but not super good either. The doctor told my mom I could eat like usual but skip the carbs in the evening to drop some weight. From then till I moved out, my parents watched what I ate. If I had a bit extra, they'd say, "Don't eat so much" or "You've already had

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one bowl, that's plenty." I won't bore you with the details, but that's how my binge eating began, and I ended up trying diet after diet. My confidence hit rock bottom. I started buying stuff to make myself feel better, even clothes two sizes too small, hoping they'd magically make me slimmer. But even though I never actually kept the weight off, I couldn't stop buying cute stuff. It gave me a quick mood boost, and I was addicted to shopping for more. Looking back, I wasted loads of money.

Fast forward, I'm almost twenty-five. I kicked the extra weight and binge eating habits to the curb. I feel good about who I am. I still treat myself to clothes and jewelry, but I do it thoughtfully now. I've figured out how not to fall for sales or buy stuff I don't truly need. Everything I own has a purpose, and I use what I have more than once.

Maybe this hits home for you somehow. You might not have had the exact same journey as me, but maybe you've also tried to fix something missing with stuff. Or maybe you just shop for the fun of it. This article could still give you a fresh way of thinking about shopping less but choosing better. So, now I'm gonna share seven things I think about before I buy anything. I hope this helps you save some cash and feel more content.

1. Capsule wardrobe: Does that item fit in with my other possessions?

Maybe you've heard of the capsule wardrobe idea. If not, it's like cleaning out your closet, tossing stuff you never wear, and sticking with basics like black, white, and grey clothes, plus shoes and jeans that match everything. This way, you can mix and match like a pro. After you've got the basics (which honestly make loads of outfits), you can add new stuff each year – but only if it goes with what you already have. Trust me, buying a cool pair of jeans that doesn't go with anything else is just a waste.

2. What's the best quality and most sustainable option I can afford?

Just so you know, this is different for everyone. I'm not saying go buy fancy designer brands because they're better quality than fast fashion. You just gotta learn about materials and what's good for the planet. Do your best to make the right choice and take care of your stuff. That's the trick to making your clothes and jewelry stick around longer!

3. Never buy two sizes or even one size too small.

Trust me, it never works and never will. This isn't how you lose weight. You can't motivate yourself by squeezing into tiny clothes. First things first, figure out what's really going on. Which brings me to my next point.

4. Address your main problems first.

I'm not sure what's bugging you, but for me, it was all about my weight. I realized that buying clothes two sizes too small just caused more trouble. I felt like a total flop in those tight jeans. Honestly, no idea why I even tried; I looked like a squished sausage. I used to think wearing a dress three sizes too small would make me look stunning. Now I know better: I either love my size and wear what fits, or I tackle my binge eating and maybe eventually fit into smaller sizes. You might think, "Whoa, her self-esteem must've been rock bottom." Yup, it was, but I'm good with admitting it and working on it. Now I'm feeling loads better, and I believe it's okay to feel like that sometimes. We're only human, right? You might have something else going on, and that's totally cool too!

5. Be aware of marketing tricks.

Sales, discounts, buy one get one – don't let companies fool you into buying stuff just because it's cheaper. Trust me, you'll regret it later. Instead, focus on getting what you really want and need, and make sure it's good quality, so you don't spend a ton in the long run.

6. Think about why you really want this.

Be real with yourself about why you want something. Think about stuff you bought and regretted. Why did you regret it? Will this new purchase end up the same way?

7. Seriously, does anyone actually care about what I have?

Funny story – when I was a teen, I never wore the same T-shirt two days in a row. I was worried people would notice. But then, I read about an experiment where someone wore the same outfit for a month, and no one even noticed! It made me rethink things. Now I wear my pants three times a week sometimes (as long as they're clean, duh), and it feels amazing! You actually need fewer clothes than those ads want you to believe.

Why do I then sell jewelry? Are all brands bad?

I sell jewelry because I love making them. There is almost nothing in the world that makes more joy than looking at these beautiful things which you can adorn yourself with. And because I need to make a living, I would love doing so with what I'm good at and what I love. Consumerism is not all bad. It fullfills our needs and wants, but we can do it in a moderate and conscious way. So, do I believe that every brand is bad? Not really. It creates jobs and feed families, but with bad practices it can harm more people and also the world. It therefore also lays in your hands to choose more wisely and think about your purchase. If you as a consumer demand better conditions, than also companies have to listen at some point.

So that's all I have on this topic. What do you think? Please leave us a comment or your questions below. If you'd like us to cover a specific topic, just send us an email at I would love to hear from you!

Hope you enjoyed it! See you next time!

Linh An Tran

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